How I Created My Happy Space – For Inner Peace And Calm

Starting the new year in lockdown meant we weren’t going to have the usual busyness of previous years when open to guests. I wanted a new project to focus my energy on and creating my own Happy Space was it. Not only would it give me something challenging to do but also once finished, hopefully bring me more inner peace and calm amongst all the uncertainty.

If the past year has highlighted anything to me, it’s that I love my family dearly but also value a little bit of time and space on my own occasionally. Sometimes we just all need somewhere to escape to think, organise our thoughts, plan and be creative.

The cold winter months also means that finding some space inside for this purpose is also important. Mindful walks are of course hugely beneficial to both our physical and mental wellbeing. However, if the elements aren’t in your favour, or if it’s dark outside, you might just want to tuck yourself away in a little corner at home instead.

So I began ‘My Happy Space’ project soon after New Year when Lockdown 3 was announced. A quest to create a peaceful space. Somewhere to go to when I need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place to meditate, record my Mindfulness Tips Vlogs, and plan out the next Wellness Retreats.

Why I Decided to Create a Happy Space

Sometimes our homes can be a distraction. There might be piles of laundry to sort through, dishes to be washed or toys to clear away. This clutter can not only be distracting but can also make you feel disorganised and stressed.

Himalayan_Salt_Lamp_for_inner_peace_and_calmThe idea behind ‘My Space’ is to create a small area; an oasis to go to when your surroundings are becoming a bit frenetic but tidying everything away at that point in time isn’t feasible.

Simply put, life can be overwhelming. More so than ever when we have all been through a number of lockdowns and restrictions for almost a year now. We have undoubtedly been spending a lot more time in our homes than ever before. Carving out a special, calming place for some ‘me time’, helps promotes inner calm and peace, all paramount for our wellbeing.

How I Went About Creating a Happy Space 

I’m fortunate enough to have started with more than a corner to create My Happy Space. I chose a roomMy_Happy_Space_Corner_How_And_Why_I_Created_It upstairs – my son’s old bedroom – away from any noise from people or kitchen appliances. This room had been somewhat neglected over the past few years, so it did require some decluttering, cleaning and redecorating. Still, far easier to tackle one room in order to create a quiet haven than the entire house! Not everyone has a spare room of course, in which case a space can even be created in the corner of your bedroom.

My_Happy_Place_Himlayan_Salt_Wall_Cosy-Armchairs_To_relax_and_meditateAfter a couple of weeks of hard work the room has taken shape. With final touches including cosy armchairs, my precious Buddha statue, mood lighting, a beautiful Himalayan salt wall and lamp, candles, cushions, blanket and my favourite ‘Happy Place’ sign.

If you’re not familiar with Himalayan Salt products, they are known to help purify the air around us as well as being very therapeutic and beautiful to look at.

Yes it has taken some effort to create My Happy Space but I already feel better inside, knowing I have this area to come to whenever I need some space to work, think or relax.

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