Sharon Pranic Healing and Yoga with Manjit recently ran an amazing transformative Wellness Day from the Wellness Yurt.

Guests were invited to discover inner peace, stillness and release the noise both around and within. A unique opportunity to spiritually connect and truly let go.

18 people joined these two wonderful Practitioners in a supportive and welcoming environment, to share a journey of healing and growth with like-minded individuals. The day’s activities included Meditation, Pranic healing, Fire Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, Chanting and a soothing Gong Bath. The whole programme was designed to enhance well-being and uplift your spirit.

The experienced instructors also promised to equip their guests with valuable tools and techniques, to integrate into everyday life, supporting their ongoing healing journey.

During the day, the Wellness Team made sure the Yurt was set up as required by the Practitioners. This included rows of chairs for the Twin Hearts Meditation and Breathwork practice, which kicked off the Retreat.

These were then swiftly replaced with mats and bolsters for an hour-long Kundalini Yoga session. A delicious lunch followed, served in the Tudor Farmhouse dining room.

The guests then enjoyed feeding some of the Wootton Park animals, before taking part in positive affirmations and forgiveness techniques. A beautiful Fire Ceremony for letting go and a deeply restorative Gong Bath, ended the day seamlessly. The attendees then had the opportunity to ask questions, whilst enjoying a range of homemade cakes and bakes.

Whether you seek healing or simply wish to unwind and let go, this day retreat is perfect for you or your loved ones. Sharon and Manjit are back for another sold out Retreat, on 19th November. Due to demand and their growing waitlist, they have now confirmed they will return on Sunday 20th January 2024…it will be here before we know it! Contact Sharon Pranic Healing for more information and to reserve your place. The perfect way to start the New Year.

Wootton Park Welness


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