Embracing the Change’ was a half day Perimenopause and Menopause Retreat, run by  Health & Wellbeing Coaches Harriet Saxton and Meeta Darji. They delivered a wonderful programme to a group of women from the Wellness Yurt, offering the attendees a safe and supportive haven. 

Furthermore, we were able to use this as an opportunity to support our own Wellness Team, by having two of them join the Workshop.

The feedback from our team and the rest of the attendees has been so positive. The menopause can be such a difficult subject to discuss and everyone has a different story to tell. The group were gently encouraged to share their journey in a ‘confidential environment, with the event organisers taking the lead.

They also found the breathwork and EFT Tapping sessions extremely helpful. A healthy, menopause balanced food menu, prepared by talented chef Lexi’s Loving Spoonful was served towards the end of the programme.

There can be quite a lot of fear and negativity around the Menopause, but if women embrace it as an opportunity to take better care of themselves they will manage this natural transition so much better.

We hope to run more of these wonderful Perimenopause / Menopause support Workshops and Retreats this year.

Two other guests were supported by their employer to attend and we hope more companies follow suit and ‘Embrace The Change’ that so many of their valued female employees will go through. It’s imperative for organisations to get behind this to prevent losing their workforce and with it, years of experience.

It is now well documented that 1 in 10 women leave their jobs due to the menopause. We all have a responsibility to do something to improve these alarming statistics.

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