Mindfulness Tip: The Week of Smiles

Is smiling something you do naturally or most days, does it take some effort? Every week, Melanie McCall, founder of Wootton Park Wellness Retreats, offers a Mindfulness Tip. This week, the focus is on smiling. We look at the benefits of smiling, both to our mental and physical wellbeing, as well as giving the free gift of a smile to someone else.

When we look back, we will think of 2020 as the year we probably didn’t have too much to smile about. Uncertainty, stress and worry is very much around us, who has the desire to smile?

The following Mindfulness Tip shows how simply smiling more can begin changing this thought process. You and you alone are responsible for your emotions and feelings. By starting the day more positively – with a big smile (even if you’re just smiling at your reflection in the bathroom mirror), you might be surprised at the lift it gives you.

Following your ‘Early Morning Smile’ your exercise for the week is to try and smile more. At your neighbours, colleagues and even your partner and children! What you will discover is that not only will this help to improve your mood but you will also be giving those around you a well-needed boost.

The health benefits from just smiling are amazing. Not only does this simple act help increase productivity when performing tasks (ever wondered why Snow White whistled while she worked!) but is also releases endorphins which help reduce our stress hormones. There are many other benefits to smiling as well as stress relief, more of which you can read about here.

Smiling is contagious, give it a go and turn that frown upside down.


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