Mindfulness Tip: The Three Minute Week

The following Mindfulness Tip is perfect to action when you’re feeling particularly short of time but still recognise the longer-term benefits of focusing on your wellbeing. Every week, Melanie McCall, founder of Wootton Park Wellness Retreats, offers a Mindfulness Tip. This week, she is discussing The Three Minute Week.

Sometimes, no matter how organised we try and be, we can feel that time is against us. It’s strange as each day is made up of 24 hours (apart from when the clocks change!) but it doesn’t always feel this way. Particularly when we have more to think about or do. For example, with schools holiday now upon us, we can often feel like we don’t have a minute to ourselves.

Some of the Mindfulness Tips we have provided might require more of your time than you feel able to devote, in order to get maximum benefits. Mindfulness takes practice and concentration to really learn how to be be present. Unfortunately, sometimes we feel under time pressure and that we can’t prioritise this. So how can you practice mindfulness when you’re short of time?

The following Mindfulness Tip shows how you can take control of your mental wellbeing, breathing and mindfulness in as little as three minutes a day. This short exercise can be done virtually anywhere so there’s no excuse! Hopefully, three minutes each day is a realistic amount of time to find for yourself. You will certainly feel the benefits for much longer than this.

So start with small, manageable steps by dedicating bitesize chunks of time to you.

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