Mindfulness Tip: The Week of Gratitude

Are you regularly inviting gratitude into your life? Every week, Melanie McCall, founder of Wootton Park Wellness Retreats, offers a Mindfulness Tip. This week, she is discussing how to practice Gratitude. 

The more we are able to welcome gratefulness into our lives, the more things will show up for us to be grateful for.

Sometimes, we may feel we don’t have very much to be grateful for. This is not an uncommon emotion, particularly during challenging times in our lives. However, if you look a little deeper, you might be surprised.

Every night, find just a few minutes to write down one thing that has happened that day for which you are grateful for. Did your partner bring you a cup of tea without being asked for example? Or perhaps you managed to find twenty minutes ‘me time’ during the day?

Ultimately, if we can have gratitude for the small things, it will  help all of us look at life more positively.

Science also shows that inviting gratitude has the power to increase important neurochemicals. When thinking shifts from negative to positive, we experience a surge of feel-good chemicals, including dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. These all contribute to the feelings of closeness, connection and happiness that come with gratitude.

Showing and receiving gratitude has a direct positive impact on our mental wellbeing. The feeling of happiness you will experience, will radiate from the inside out and immediately enhance your mood for the better.

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