Mindfulness Tip: The Week of Mindful Technology

Are you in control of how much technology you use…

Or is technology in control of you? Every week, Melanie McCall, founder of Wootton Park Wellness Retreats, offers a Mindfulness Tip. This week, she is discussing how to practice mindful technology. 

No one can deny that technology is a wonderful thing. Difficult to imagine how we might have got through the last year without it. Zoom calls to stay connected with work and family/friends, online school lessons, not to mention the millions of people now working from home. All possible due to technology.

However, as much as technology helps us stay connected with others, equally it can take us away from the present moment. The constant pings and beeps are distracting. It can be really hard to resist ‘checking in’ regularly on social media or responding to an email. Technology is available 24/7 and it is addictive.

What this means is that we are frequently being taken away from the present moment. How often have you seen a family eating out (when we could!) and the children have their heads stuck in one device or another. It seems such a shame to waste precious family time distracted by technology.

Just behind Wootton Park, we have a large hill that is very popular on those rare occasions that we have a decent snowfall. We were somewhat dismayed to see how quiet it was this time round. Admittedly, people are being cautious and rightly so but could it also be that parents are struggling to get their children and teenagers outside for some much needed fresh air? What a shame if it is the latter.

Practicing Mindful Technology…

Melanie suggests three ways that we can proactively use technology as a mindful tool. They are very simple and easy to implement but might just take a little practice.

What you will hopefully find is that you will begin appreciating the present moment more. The more mindful you are, the more you will be able to incorporate valuable qualities into your lives. Self-control, mental clarity and emotional intelligence are all benefits of regular mindfulness practice.

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