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We’re excited to have connected with a number of Wellbeing Experts to deliver insightful in-person workshops, during your time at Wootton Park Wellness. Simply choose the subject matter which will be most beneficial to your team and we will do the rest.

Andrea Bayles Nutrition

Andrea Bayles Nutrition

Nutritional Therapist

Nutrition Workshop

90 – 120 min face-to-face presentation plus Q&A (Zoom also available)

Award winning expert nutritionalist Andrea Bayles, talks about the gut-brain connection and the simple measures we can all take to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Mental wellbeing is one of the most important aspects of our health. In order to support our emotional wellbeing, mental health and overall health, we need to understand the link between the gut and the brain.

In her workshop, Andrea highlights how the gut-brain axis are intricately linked and how gut health is of paramount importance when it comes to supporting mental and emotional wellness.

Jon Burgess

Jon Burgess

Wellbeing Coach

Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

90 min face-to-face presentation plus Q&A (Zoom also available)

In this engaging workshop, Jon takes a 360 degree approach to Wellbeing. Together, you will explore the most important principles and practical actions to take to improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. You will be inspired to take responsibility for your own health and will take away a clear, personal action plan to implement into daily life.

Jon is well practiced at supporting businesses to create a wellbeing culture in the workplace that helps employees look, feel and function better.

Inspired To Change - Louise Squires

Inspired To Change - Louise Squires

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Resilience Workshop

90 – 120 min face-to-face presentation plus Q&A (Zoom also available)

Why does your brain responds with stress and anxiety to every day events? How can we influence it to find a better response? Louise delves into why we think the way we do. By understanding your brain’s motivations for negative thinking, we can learn techniques to turn negative thinking into positive thinking. The techniques can be applied immediately to literally change the way your brain works.

Positive brain training helps build resilience and wellbeing so you can be more focused, creative, productive and happier both at work and at home. 

Harriet's Healthy Living - Harriet Saxton

Harriet's Healthy Living - Harriet Saxton

Certified Health and Breathwork Coach

Breathwork Coaching

60 min face-to-face Workshop

With a background in Nutritional Therapy, Harriet empowers people to create and nurture their own health and wellbeing through their lifestyle choices.

Harriet offers a 1-hour breathwork practice workshop to corporate teams. Breathwork practices are simple and accessible to us all and have the power to re- balance our nervous systems, key to our health and wellbeing. Regular breathwork practices are instrumental in reducing stress and improving our energy levels and sleep.

Other services offered include Menopause Group Health Coaching programs and ‘Nourish & Nurture Wellbeing Lunches’, partnering with talented Chef and Nutritional Therapist Lexi’s Loving Spoonful.

Stable Teams - Steph Chamberlain

Stable Teams - Steph Chamberlain

Mental Health and Wellbeing Workplace Trainer & Educator

Stable Teams Coaching Workshop for Good Team Health

60 min face-to-face presentation plus Q&A

Do you have a Stable Team?  Are you a leader looking to make your team more autonomous, goal-centric and high-performing?

Ex BBC, Channel 4, Entrepreneur Steph Chamberlain presents her proven framework for delivering good team health and productivity.  Steph talks about the need for a defined purpose for your team, utilising Objective Key Results and getting to the heart of your team’s goal to increase communication and commitment.  Along with Ed Hargreaves (a former Warrant Officer in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps), Steph uses simple yet powerful techniques to bond your team whilst encouraging trust, ownership and accountability.

Steph works alongside leaders and their teams in her workshops to build the capabilities needed for success.  Previous clients have included the John Lewis Partnership, The Scouts and Jaguar Land Rover.

Adam Bray

Adam Bray

SOMA Breath Instructor & Cold Water Exposure Coach

Breathwork & Cold Water Exposure WorkShop

2 hr in-person Workshop

Since leaving school, Adam has spent his working life in the motor trade, finally achieving what he believed  to be his career goal of becoming a Service Manager.

When life took an unexpected turn 5 years ago, fate led Adam to begin practicing breathwork, meditation and cold water exposure, all of which has had a profoundly positive affect on him.

Adam focused on becoming a breathwork iand cold water exposure coach and feels that he has now truly found his purpose. He goal is to now help as many people as possible become aware of and understand what we can achieve with our own breath, and what our bodies are capable of. “We are our own pharmacy”

Adam’s workshops include:
– 1 hr Breathwork techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, create more energy, focus and clarity, improve fitness and endurance release tension.

– 1hr Cold Water Immersion Coaching

JD Therapies - Jessica Harrison

JD Therapies - Jessica Harrison

Holistic Therapist

Transformational Breathwork – Awaken your Mind, Body & Soul Workshop

60 – 90 min face-to-face presentation plus

Most people breath from their chests, the correct way to breath is from our stomachs & diaphragm. In this comprehensive workshop, Jessica will explain and demonstrate how Transformational Breathing, using a range of techniques, helps us to breath correctly and to self-regulate our Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive & Cardiovascular systems.

There are many benefits to be gained from learning to breathe correctly, including decreasing stress levels, improving sleep quality, increases Mindfulness, reducing high blood pressure, improving lung function, enhancing cognitive performance and boosting your immunity.

Jessica’s other services include: Energy, Sound Therapy, Regression & Hypnosis Therapy, Cold Water Therapy Coach, Cacao Ceremonies and Transformational Breathing, which is a self-healing technique.

Chris Buxton

Chris Buxton

World Class Performance Coach

Elite Performance Workshop

1 hr – Fencing basic principles, techniques and tactics, games basic principles

1 hr – Talk on the lessons learnt from coaching and how they apply to well being

This 2 hr session gives participants the chance to try fencing and learn about some of the strategies that athletes and coaches employ to maintain the balance of physical and mental performance and well being. 

Fencing, the sport known as ‘physical chess’ can help you not only keep physically and mentally well but also give new insights into problem solving, team culture, cohesion and motivation. Chris Buxton MSc spent 15 years in the Great Britain fencing team and the last 12 years coaching elite level athletes through the demands of performance sport. 

Meeta Darji

Meeta Darji

Certified Holistic Health Coach & EFT (Tapping) Practitioner

Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm in Minutes with EFT Tapping

60 minutes Face to Face Workshop plus Q&A and video resources to take away.

Meeta uses a unique approach that combines EFT Tapping and her extensive training in holistic practices,  transforming the physical and emotional wellbeing of her clients.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or ‘Tapping’, is a scientifically proven, mind-body technique. It releases stress and anxiety in minutes and switches off the ‘fight or flight’ response in the body.

Meeta’s interactive workshops guides clients through a deeply relaxing Tapping Experience. You will also be taught how to use this self-soothing technique to navigate difficult and negative emotions, on a daily basis. Other Workshop topics include Optimising Brain Health, Fostering a Growth Mindset and Journaling.

She is an excellent communicator with 12+ years’ experience in PR and Corporate Communications.

Kirsty Lilley

Kirsty Lilley

Mental Health and Wellbeing Workplace Trainer & Educator

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop

90 – 120 min face-to-face presentation plus Q&A

Kirsty is an experienced and award-winning mental health trainer, coach, mindfulness and self-compassion facilitator. Kirsty covers a range of workplace related topics and is available to run anything from a 90 minute to half and full day workshops.

From Managing Mental Health in the Workplace to delivering a Stress and Anxiety Relief Toolkit, these evidence based workshops teach line managers, supervisors and team members proven ways to manage anxiety and stress.

John Earls

John Earls

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Workshops, Retreats and Courses

120 – 180 min face-to-face presentation

John has a masters degree in the psychology of mindfulness and is currently researching how to treat burnout in the workplace using mindfulness and exercise as part of a Phd. He is one of a few fully accredited mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) teachers in the UK and is an experienced yoga master.

John is an expert at using mindfulness practically in the workplace to improve communication, handle conflict and to develop a positive culture. John also has many years working with the general public helping them to overcome stress, anxiety and depression.


Blue Light Wellbeing - Hannah Bailey

Blue Light Wellbeing - Hannah Bailey

Psychotherapist in Brain Working Recursive Therapy & Wellbeing Coach

Mental Health in the Workplace – Awareness & Support

60min Talk / 2hour Workshop (Zoom also available)

An ex frontline police officer, Hannah brings many years of experience around the topics of mental and emotional health. Following burnout, PTSD and cancer, Hannah decided to retrain as a Wellbeing Coach and a Psychotherapist (BWRT). She also holds qualifications in Counselling (PTSD) and Mental Health First Aid.

Hannah speciaises in a range of topics from understanding the stigma around Mental Health and how we can support our peers to providing practical advice of where we can seek help. Simple Mindfulness and Meditation can also be incorporated into her sessions.

Positive Menopause - Sarah Cale (Founder) and Pauline Maddon

Positive Menopause - Sarah Cale (Founder) and Pauline Maddon

Menopause Leaders / Advisors and Mentors

Menopause and the Workplace Workshop

60-90 min face-to-face presentation plus Q&A (Zoom also available)

Approximately 13 million women in the UK are either Peri or Post Menopausal with symptoms lasting for up to 15 years. The fastest-growing demographic within the workplace are women over 50, although menopause symptoms can start in the 30’s.

It’s vital that Business Owners, HR Managers and other team members fully understand what some employees might be experiencing and ensure they are provided with the support and understanding required.

Pallavi Prasad

Pallavi Prasad

Law of Attraction Manifestation and Mindset Coach

Vision board and Visualisation Workshop

60-90 min face-to-face presentation plus Q&A (Zoom also available)

The universe has no limitations on what you want. So should we live in a limiting belief mindset? Whether it’s the belief about health, relationships, money, career or success.
Vision Boards are one of the most powerful tools to bring your goals to life and shift your reality. The images and words on your vision board helps train your subconscious mind through repetition.
Pallavi delivers a fun-filled workshop, taking participants on a  journey to create spectacular vision boards and indulge in a visualisation retreat.
Healthy Steps - Julia Mitchell

Healthy Steps - Julia Mitchell

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Nordic Walking & Tai Chi

Julia works with teams and individuals, inspiring them to make small changes that can have a huge impact on both their physical and mental health.

Nordic Walking – think cross training at the gym but in the fresh air.  A fresh and creative approach to team building, it’s a truly sociable way to increase movement.

Tai Chi Qigong – like a moving meditation, the ‘Six Steps Qigong’ session is specifically designed to improve wellbeing as well as taking the body through a gentle detoxification process.

We are embedding health & well-being at the heart of our business strategy because our people are our greatest asset and we recognise that a healthy, happy and committed workforce is vital to our business success”

Alex Gourlay, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Walgreen Boots Alliance, Inc.

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